Grow your business with referrals

  • Help your clients attract and retain talented employees
  • Help employees of your clients buy and sell their homes
  • Help employees of your small business clients save money
  • See exponential growth in your business from your referral network
  • Get paid for referring employees to other agents across the country

How It Works

1. You share the YourHomeBenefit program with a small business owner, manager, or HR director in your referral network and explain the free benefits the employees will receive.

2. After the business signs up, you share the program with the employees and explain the benefits to them.

3. When employees are looking to buy or sell real estate, they simply go to their company's YourHomeBenefit site and enter their information.

4. The employee will be contacted by a move coordinator who will connect them with real estate professionals in their area. The agent who signed them up will receive a referral if in their area, or is paid for the referral to another agent. The employee gets a closing cost credit when they close on the purchase or sale of their home.

Beta Testers

We created the program for our own real estate brokerage in Colorado over a dozen years ago and the Your Home Benefit program has received rave reviews from local employers. We're looking for a handful of agents around the country to try the program and give us feedback. There is no cost or obligation... and you'll probably gain many new clients along the way. The only catch is we want to hear your feedback and success stories. Once you sign up we will send you an email with our strategies for leveraging this program to help grow your real estate business.

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We're happy to answer your questions about the Your Home Benefit Program. If you are already a Your Home Benefit subscriber, please reach out to your Your Home Benefit representative for assistance.